Sandfly Holiday Menu!

The Holidays are Here!

Here's our Holiday Menu.  All these items are take home and re-heat.  Save yourself some stress and trouble and let us do all the hard work.

Smoked Turkeys: 3.79/lb.
Smoked Hams: 4.95/lb.
(sold in 3 qt casserole dishes-$19.95 each)
Oyster Dressing
Scalloped Potato

Broccoli, Cheese, and Rice
Green Bean 
Sandfly Macaroni and Cheese
Southern Sweet Potato Pie-$9.95
Traditional Bread Pudding-3qt dish-$15.95
Perfect Pecan Pie-$9.95

All Christmas Orders must be placed no later than Saturday, December 20th and picked up no later than 3p.m. on Wednesday, December 24th. Orders may be picked up between Monday the 22nd and Wednesday the 24th. Call 356-5463 to order today!

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