Keith and his Dad will be pullin' Big Buck (pictured at left) up to Macon, GA this weekend to compete in the Fly South Fest BBQ competition.  Keith's Dad, John, was the original proprietor of Sandfly Bar-B-Q and taught Keith everthing he knows about smoking meat the old fashioned way. This is their first time competing in an official BBQ competition so they will be entering in the "backyard" contest to get their feet wet and learn how these things work.  It will also be Big Buck's first chance to strut his stuff in a competition.  Wish 'em all luck and we'll keep you posted on the results!

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Antoine Lockhart said...

Wow! That stuff seems to be a great companion for grilling. I make sure that there is an even and sufficient flame heat when I grill because it is the secret to a fantastic barbecue experience.